1937 Legacy Society

Helping seniors flourish now - and in the future


The 1937 Legacy Society honors those generous individuals who have committed to supporting our organization and its mission through a gift from their estate. We trace our roots back to 1937 when the Reverend Richard E. Scully announced the founding of Wesley House, a philanthropic home for indigent seniors. 

Such noted Cincinnatians as Louis Nippert, James Gamble, Jim Swallen, George Schaefer, Ruth Lyons, Alfred Segal and many others gave of their time, talent and treasure to support what has grown into the largest provider of Meals on Wheels in our region.

The 1937 Legacy Society exists to both preserve our remarkable history and to honor those who have made a planned gift that reflects their passion for ensuring that the seniors in our community receive the support and care they need and deserve. Membership has only one requirement: Include Meals on Wheels Southwest OH & Northern KY as a beneficiary of a gift in your estate planning and notify us of your intentions. 

Planned giving can take many forms. The most common type of planned gift is made through a will and is called a bequest. This gift can be cash, securities, assets, a trust, retirement plan beneficiary, insurance policy or part or all of your estate. From very simple arrangements to more complex strategies, planned gifts can offer important estate, financial and personal tax advantages.

If you choose to join the 1937 Legacy Society, we will honor you by adding your name to the list of those who have made a decision to support our important work well into the future. Your name will appear in our annual report, in our donor newsletter and in other appropriate forums. 

You will also receive a 1937 lapel pin as a reminder of our history and as an expression of your wish that our services remain available to seniors well beyond your own lifetime. Additionally, we will present you with a copy of, Behind the Clouds--Light, an inspirational book by The Reverend Dr. L.H. Mayfield, one of our esteemed early supporters.

To join the 1937 Legacy Society, please call us at 513-244-5484.